Back-To-School Organizing

Back to School Bookcase
Stocked with everything a student needs, this hideaway is an inviting place to pore over homework. Two store-bought bookcases are filled with handy, stay-organized tools such as a calendar for upcoming school events, an ”in” box for unfinished assignments, and an ”out” box for finished homework to be checked by Mom and Dad.

Portable Desk
Allow kids to bring their homework anywhere with this portable desk. Equipped with writing materials inside, productivity never has to suffer.

Space-Saver Desk
Just because there isn’t enough room in your child’s bedroom for a desk doesn’t mean they can’t have their own personal study space. Using a twist on under-bed storage, the area below a store-bought loft bed becomes a welcoming small-scale study.

Shoe Bag Organizer
With the start of the school year, children will begin their after-school activities and consequently spend more time in the carpool. A canvas shoe bag is just right for keeping toys tidy and easy to reach in the car.

Family Entryway Organizer
With umbrellas, hats, and sunglasses near the door, making the morning bus on time will be much easier without those last-minute searches. Keep the entryway organized despite school year traffic with these crafty metallic bins for all members of the family.

Felt Board
A felt board can be both a pretty addition to a young child’s room and an educational tool. Play games like tic-tac-toe or work on spelling and counting with cut-out letters and numbers. It’s a twist on the traditional refrigerator magnets so many of us grew up with!

Art-Project Storage
Preserve the artwork of budding young artists with these tips: Label mailing tubes, available at office-supply stores, by semester or year, and fill with rolled-up stacks of artwork, or showcase the pieces with the help of a large collage display.


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