Cute and Clever Last-Minute Costumes ~ Because there is at least 1 of us who always waits til the last minute right ?!?!

This costume is so easy, it could be magic! With a few pieces of fabric and some simple stitching, you’ll have this easy hat and dress combination finished in no time. Add an adorable broom to the ensemble and your little one will be ready to fly around the neighborhood collecting candy.

Add a few embellishments to a set of kids’ long underwear for the cutest clown costume ever! This costume is seriously so easy – and so cheap! Use our instructions to create the perfect trick-or-treating ensemble.

For the aspiring chef, this sweet concoction will be a five-star dish for trick-or-treating. Plus, after Halloween, your little baker will have a new apron to wear in the kitchen. And don’t forget about those pretend cupcakes that look good enough to eat! Your little cook will look even sweeter than her haul of Halloween candy.

Start with a large lampshade (this is just to stabilize the cardboard) and cut off any wire in the center of your lampshade, cover any exposed wire with duct tape. Cut two cardboard so you have 2 pieces that will wrap around the top and bottom of the lamp shade. and duct tape into place. NOTE: You could also use a large cardboard box if you are lucky enough to find one, then you wouldn’t need the lampshade. Next, make yourself a bunch of t-shirt yarn. Let Birds Fly has a pretty awesome photo-tutorial if you’ve never made it. Wrap your lampshade generously with yarn and add some extra t-shirt fabric for straps and you have yourself a giant spool costume. To make a needle, just get creative, use cardboard cut out in the shape, use duct tape, etc.

All you need for this project is a piece of cardboard, glue, and gold glitter – it’s really that easy! Cut a hole for your child’s face and cover in glitter; pair the star with a color-coordinating outfit and your costume is ready!

Dress in a solid color to represent the handle of the paint brush, then cut a piece of poster board and spray paint it silver, and glue to fit head. Use two brooms {with strong bristles} ~ cut the handles off so you have only the bristles and glue them inside the hat to resemble the top of the paint brush. Use a poster board glue to card board for the pallet and use sharpies for the paint.

Simply cut out of the bottom of a laundry basket and attach a giant balloon, which you can buy and have filled with helium at a nearby party-supply store.

Emulate a renowned artist in pint-size form this Halloween. All it takes is a little artistic license. Drip and splatter colorful paint onto a white, adult button-down shirt. Slip the smock over any colorful top, and then add a beret, an artist’s brush, and a palette to complete the masterpiece.

Print the check mark pattern, below. On the back of a duct tape sheet, trace around the reversed check mark; cut out. Cut out four equal-length strips about 1/2 inch wide from another duct tape sheet. Arrange in a square on a rain slicker.

Safety-pin white balloons to a white tee and add a colorful shower cap. Just try to avoid anyone dressed as a porcupine!


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