Easy DIY Christmas Decor ~ These homemade Christmas craft ideas will make your home decor festive and affordable, while adding a little "merry and bright" to your Holiday šŸŽ„

Add warmth and comfort to your traditional decor by repurposing old sweaters. Make container cozies by cutting off the cuff end of a sweater sleeve and whipstitching the bottom into a circle. Turn down the sweater edge and sew on jingle bells. These are also great for plain coffee mugs, an instant gift!

PersonalizedĀ Advent calendarsĀ make the countdown to Christmas even more meaningful. Start your own Advent board by wrapping foam core with linen and framing the board. Dress up plainĀ gift tagsĀ by printing numbers and adding a small bauble or gift {NOTE: we use ornaments for our calendar and put the treasured “gift” on the tree each morning, the dollar bins are perfect to find cheap ornaments for this craft or you can look for sets and split it up for each day} to each tag.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A carol-theme chalkboard lets you display your favorite holiday lyrics with pride. You can find chalkboard paint at yourĀ home improvementĀ store, paint a board of your choosing, and dress it up with a rustic frame.

To create a unique snowflake window cling, lay plastic wrap over our free pattern and trace with white dimensional paint. For extra sparkle, add clear glitter to the design. These snowflakes stick to any glass surface, and they’re a classic all winter long.

RemovableĀ pillow coversĀ let you effortlessly transition yourĀ throw pillowsĀ from season to season. For the Christmas edition, cut scraps of assorted fabric into ornament shapes and use iron-on medium weight interfacing to secure them to the pillow front, stitching on ribbon as shown.

Display a herd of reindeer among a forest of handcrafted bottle-brush trees. Pull apart short strands of sisal rope, twist them with wire, then use spray paint to create bushy tall-trunk trees OR just buy some bottle brush trees, they are usually pretty cheap. Raid the dollar bin, family toy box or dollar store for the mini plastic deer, you know the ones ~ they are usually laying all over the floor and you find them by stepping on them barefoot!Ā  Paint a herd ofĀ  these mini plastic guys, add glitter and beaded details, then use a board to display the trees and Christmas creatures.

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