DIY Halloween Crafts That Are So Easy

Haunted Halloween Birdhouses ~ This spooky Halloween town has gone to the birds. Round up an array of wooden birdhouses and coat them with glossy black and matte gray spray paint to re-create this Halloween craft. We positioned our haunted town on a vibrant orange bench and completed the scene with miniature pumpkins and plastic spiders.

Floating Front Porch Ghosts ~ Your guests/neighbors/trick-or-treaters will be blown away by these bobbing Halloween decorations. Give your front porch a spooky effect by inviting over a few floating ghosts to hang around. If you don’t have spirits on speed dial, you can re-create our Halloween ghost craft in three steps. Simply draw black eyes on a white balloon, apply a thin coat of decoupage to the top of the balloon, then cover with cheesecloth. Cut the bottom of the cheesecloth into strips for an uneven edge that will wave in the wind on Halloween night.

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