10 Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Have a pair of boots you won’t wear this winter? Dress them up with twigs, greens and ribbon for a welcoming display. To protect boots, line with plastic bags. Add weight with rocks to keep the boots from tipping. Insert twigs and small evergreen branches. Tie a bow around each boot, and drape an evergreen sprig down one side.

Sprigs of pine and berries dress up framed photos in the home’s entry.

Spell out holiday greetings on tree containers that climb the stairs. We made paper letter ornaments for white ironstone pitchers and pots and planted a lacy Goldcrest cypress tree in each.

Ice skates with red pompoms made an easy entry table arrangement, while an apothecary jar filled with twigs adds an unexpected accent. A mix of faux and real evergreens brings holiday spirit throughout the area.

Make a basic white frame a pretty focal point by hanging an ornament from the hanger in back. For a pretty arrangement above a buffet or mantel, flank the framed ornament with framed holiday wrapping papers. To ensure a perfect fit, wrap the cardboard that comes with the frame.

Tie wide ribbons around solid-color pillows as if they’re presents going under the tree. Place on chairs, sofas or beds for an instant spot of holiday color.

Clothespins hold holiday cards on burlap ribbon tacked to the back of a mirror frame. Old wood rice scoops act as vases for unusual arrangements of stones and cut evergreen branches. Display a cut tree in a basket. We wrapped its trunk with yarn for a spot of color.

For a fresh-from-the-yard front door display, fill a tote with greenery and twigs. (Line the inside with a plastic bag to protect the tote.) Attach two ornaments to the handle with wire. Tie on a ribbon as a finishing touch. To protect it from elements, bring the tote inside overnight.

Create eyecatching holiday decor from your Christmas cards. Use this year’s cards as they arrive or save them from year to year. Showcase cards on a unique surface, such as a salvaged shutter (pictured), wooden sled, ladder, garden trellis or empty picture frame.

Small touches can have a big impact. Here, a miniature wreath of fresh greens looks lovely hanging from a display shelf, and a tiny present tucked among white tableware adds more charm.


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