It's time to wrap those presents for Christmas BUT wait, put down those traditional store bought bows and wrapping paper……here’s how to give your gifts an extra special touch this season with these 6 unexpected wrapping ideas.

Old Maps ~ Thanks to Google you haven’t had a need for paper maps in quite some time now, so dig ‘em out of your glove box and start snipping away. The heavy-duty paper won’t rip, your gifts will look really cool, and you can spend your hard-earned Christmas money on better things than store-bought paper, like more mapping apps!

Personalized Photo Paper ~ Show off those holiday selfies with customized photo wrapping paper. Not only is it a good excuse to prove to everyone how well you can rock an ugly Christmas sweater, but you’ll find out who your real friends are based on who throws out the gift wrap once all is said and done. (Paper,

Black & White DIY ~ Feeling crafty (and extremely lazy)? Basic black paper and chalkboard markers are a super-easy way to wrap a gift for a look that says, “Check out how much effort I put into your present!”

Printed Take-Out Boxes ~ They’re not just for leftovers anymore! Printed take-out containers work great for holding little gifts—especially those last-minute ones—since they’re cheap, recyclable and require little skill to assemble.

Cupcake Liners ~ Sure, we prefer our cupcake liners with, you know, actual cake inside of them, but when stacked on top of one another, these printed papers sweeten up any package. And they also send the message that you’re thrifty and great with a hand-mixer.


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