Show your Patriotic Pride with these Party Ideas and Decorations for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Veterans Day Fl

 Thanks to google + pinterest searches for these fab ideas! 

Scarves as pillow covers? If there’s one thing we love more than a chic design moment, it’s one that does double duty.
Set the table for a whole season of festive cookouts by giving it a new summer coat. The wooden slats of a classic picnic table provide a ready-made outline for stripes. Red and white are very versatile — with blue napkins and flag “bouquets,” the table’s ready for patriotic gatherings; adorned with bright red, orange, or yellow tableware, it would have “casual barbecue” painted all over it.

Channel the coast with table settings that’d be right at home on Cape Cod.
Save the lovably tacky crepe-paper streamers for July. Opt instead for a star medallion that’s pretty enough to earn a permanent place on the porch.

If there’s one thing that has our all-year allegiance, it’s dessert. So go ahead — play the flag card on the buffet table. It’s for a good cause.
Fireworks aren’t the only thing that’s sparkling this summer.  At the start of any celebration, pop the cork on a glittered champagne bottle — in patriotic colors — to get everyone in the star-spangled spirit.


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