Before and After ~ the Chestnut kitchen redo! {Shop My Amazon Home, the Chestnut, which is our interim home while we build, just FYI😊}

So our rental house kitchen desperately needed updated but with renters in it, there was never a good time to get over here and do it.  When our renters bought a house and moved out, we decided that we would move into our own rental while we build which presented the best time + opportunity to jump in and redo it before we rent it back out next year when our house is complete.  


Besides painting the walls and cabinets, replacing hardware and the kitchen sink, I wanted the tiles updated and/or gone!  Getting them gone wasn’t really an option, so I started researching what I can do with the old ugly tile.  Everything came back as just covering it up … say what???  


Yep, this awesome tile is from RoomMates and is their Mediterranean Tile Peel and Stick Wallpaper!  I have had more compliments on this tile than anything else in the house!!! I have also had more questions and comments on Instagram than any other post, when I posted it to IG.  It was so easy to apply and cost as well as time effective vs re-tiling.  I can not recommend this enough, click HERE to shop it.  

Also in this giant tiny house storage is at a minumum.  The kitchen is lacking in storage as well as counter space so I needed to get creative.  I work with TalenedKitchen on a spice jars label collaboration as seen here and then I got rid of our knife block and purchased this AWESOME wooden magnetic knive strip.  Let me tell ya, these 2 things have been space AND cooking game changers.  Everything is at the ready, organized and not taking up valuable space.  Click HERE to shop the knife strip.


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