Hate the black blob look of the TV above the fireplace AND don't need a new tv to justify getting a Frame TV, you have options if you have a smart TV!

So if you haven’t noticed the new TV trend yet I’ll clue you in … it’s the Frame TV. It’s a fabulous TV with high-resolution picture quality of QLED and it literally has a frame like a picture or piece of art that surrounds it … speaking of art, it comes with over 100 choices for art when it is powered off so this baby is not only functional it is a beautiful piece of art. With the Frame you never have to stare at the big black blob again or have that blob throw off your fabulous decor! There are options if you aren’t in the market for a new TV but want the option of making that big black blob look lovely as ever …

This is our TV and it’s pretty new having just purchasing this big baby in February of 2020 so I can’t justify getting a new Frame TV right now but/and like many of you, I hate the look of the big black blob on the fireplace.  So if you are in my boat and aren’t in the market for a new TV but have a smart TV you do have options, Amazon Firestick TV with art apps.  

If you have a smart TV you should have access to several art apps on our TV that can be downloaded to change the look of your big black blob. This specific app is called pic art and there are several pic options that you can use based on the season, your decor or mood. I should also mention that we also have Amazon Firestick TV so I’m not 100% sure if the pic art app is exclusive to Amazon or not.

Hope this helps someone else out there who would love the look of a Frame TV without having to purchase a Frame TV.

DISCLOSURE: the pics are NOT our permanent fireplace surround. I am still struggling with what tile I want to wrap this baby in so I decided to order several styles of peel-n-stick wallpaper to try out to get a sense of color and pattern before we drop the money on tiling this big boy. I thought it was a genius idea!

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