What's Better Than Easter Candy …. Easter Pie!🥧 Check Out These Pie Recipes That Are Far Better Than Candy!

It’s almost Easter and what do we think of when we think about the Easter bunny, candy!  This year why don’t you take a break from the basket of candy and celebrate with one of these Easter pie recipes instead. Everything from crème brûlée to brownies tastes even better in pie form and these Easter dessert pie recipes are proof …. so go ahead, decide what recipe you’ll make and take from these yummy choices found on the BHG website!


Lemon Verbena Ice Cream Pie 

We topped our ice cream pie with phlox and roses, plus a few lemon verbena sprigs, but any edible flowers will work. Remember: Not all flowers, including most florist flowers, are meant for consumption.

Chocolate pie may not be a usual on your Thanksgiving dessert table, but this one from author Erin McDowell will garner requests year after year.

The crunchy topping for this custard pie can be made in the broiler or by using a kitchen torch. Top the finished Creme Brulee Pie with fresh berries for a colorful, showy finish.
Give cherry cheesecake a modern (and lighter!) spin with Greek yogurt in the filling and a simple, less-sugary-than-canned topping of honey-coated fresh cherries.

The best thing about this no-bake dessert? It can be made ahead and served straight from the fridge. Delight friends with a slice of light and lemony pie-a refreshing finish to a hot summer night.


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