Kitchen Backsplash ~ I finally made up my mind!

Oh my goodness, after months and months of looking and playing with peel and stick papers I have finally decided on a backsplash tile!  I mean this decision was terrible for me, I truly thought I knew what I wanted then I would buy something similar in a peel and stick wallpaper version to only HATE it when it was up.   So many of the  designs I liked, just didn’t look right in our kitchen with the modern traditional feel our house is.   

I kept being drawn to the tiles that were different yet classic and several of the ones I absolutely LOVED were just way out of my price range, imagine that!  But there was one that I just kept gravitating towards,  those with mother of pearl.  I mean what’s not to gravitate towards with all the iridescent shimmer and shine!  So I started looking for those types of tiles but still wanted a classic design with simple lines YET still something different … does that make sense, I mean I know it doesn’t, I’m a strange one, after all I wear Matilda Jane ruffles at almost 50! 😁 

So stay tuned as we hopefully will get this tile job completed soon and then all the kitchen trim work painted! Oh the joy of building and doing it yourself! 

Tile is from amazon 

Pot filler is from Amazon


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