We all love adding seasonal touches to our homes but don't forgot about the bedroom, it's our haven room. We need to create bedroom spaces we love to go into, afterall its the place we all go to rest + relax! Changing things up in our bedrooms can make us feel good about going in there rather than shutting the door and forgetting about it.

Check out these amazing stylish DIY tips and ideas that will turn your bedroom into a springy escape. For instance, a headboard is an easy addition to any bedroom, adding one helps create a focal point and dimension. Think about the furniture pieces beyond the bed in the room, you can swap out an old nightstand or dresser as these changes will also make a huge difference in your space. Maybe you want a wall change but changing the wall color isn’t option for you, consider hanging a colorful tapestry, it’s one of the simplest ways to add color as well as texture to the wall. Or, if you have a few pieces of art you can’t decide between, create a gallery wall. If you don’t have art try a more personal route by using photos of family and favorite memories. And if you just want to create more light in a smaller-sized room, add mirrors ~ a mirror gallery wall is one of my personal favorite gallery wall ideas!

Talk about light and airy, his step-ladder idea adds a modern-farmhouse feel and extra dimension to the room, but it’s so versatile; this “table” will be equally cute in the fall covered in pumpkins, a candle and a cozy throw draped over AND should you decide to switch out your motif later on, you’ll be left with a practical ladder rather than an extra side table.

Upgrade your walls with a colorful tapestry (this space by SIDNEY BENSIMON), peel and stick wallpaper or paint.  Paint isn’t always an option especially if you rent so wall tapestries are a great way to add a bit of color as well as texture to the space, it can also change the whole wall if you choose a large tapestry without having the mess of paint.

White marble floating nightstands and a rattan headboard look so crisp, clean and springy in this room by Trevor Tondro.   To install a sleek floating nightstand, mount shelf brackets on your wall just above mattress height, and place a tile from any home improvement store or cover a piece of wood with peel and stick wallpaper in marble on top, for extra security, adhere it with epoxy or liquid nails. 

Turn your favorite family photos and/or pieces of art into a gallery wall.  They are so easy to customize based on the space you have available, can go with existing color themes and are easy to swap out based on seasons … think birds + blooms in the spring/summer and family photos in the fall/winter. This space by  SEAN LITCHFIELD is perfect for spring!

When in doubt, add plants and/or florals to your space. Real plants help purify the air in your room, they add color and they look gorgeous.  

By adding paint, fabric or paper to the door/drawer panels of furniture, you can add instant character to a piece.  I love the grasscloth added to this piece by TED CAVANAUGH.


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