The one room I get asked about more than any other is Eme's Room ….

I’m sure people ask because her room has ALWAYS  been one of my (if not the #1) favorite rooms in our house.  I shared her room often when we were in the brick house and even the cottage we were in for a year while building.  I haven’t shown it much and I haven’t spent much time in or on it since we moved because she is now a teenager and wants to do it herself.  As hard as that is for me to let go of since I love decorating her room (2 boys first will make a mom want to deck out that little girls room (and clothes) like none other!) , I have stayed away from doing anything in there.  

Well that’s not entirely true … I did spend 26 hours of my life hand painting each of these gold dots on her wall! And that was only because she/we found a wallpaper that we both LOVED. It was all these hand painted gold metallic dots but the paper was about $300 per roll and I needed 5 to do this wall ðŸ˜± Needless to say momma got out the brush, gold paint and went to work.  In all truthfulness, we were in a pandemic so it was therapeutic and I had the time to spare.

Anyhoo, I am hoping that we can actually do some decorating in here over the summer but my hopes aren’t to high on that ~ between sport camps and practices she isn’t home an awful lot.  So here are the deets of what’s in here so far and fingers crossed that I might be able to share this again with more decor deets =)

Bed ~ Hayneedle but of course Amazon has a similar one (legs + color shade is different) at a better price.

Lamps ~ Ballard Designs pink is discontinued but they still have white! Now Amazon has t
his set which is similar is design style, much more budget friendly and comes with the shade!

White quilt and shams ~ Pottery Barn 

Euro shams ~ PB Teen

Pink velvet quilt ~ Target naturally the blush pink is no longer available BUT they have a ton of other jewel tone colors. If you are really needing/wanting pink though (which I would) here is a great alterative from Amazon that is the similar crushed velvet! 

Ruffle comforter ~ One Kings Lane but hers is discontinued, this is similar but it’s a duvet.  ALTHOUGH leave it to Amazon to have one almost identical to hers!

Night stand dressers ~ Ikea

Feather Lamp ~ Wayfair but Overstock and Amazon (cheapest) has them too

Geo lumbar pillow ~ Anthropologie but I’ve had this pillow for years.

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