I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike … Our entryway space is taking decor shape! Shop My Home

So we have this space above the office that we want to fill with something quirky, fun and unique like the front of an old VW bug, the back of an old Chevy truck or maybe even on old baseball scoreboard (my favorite idea) BUT for now we bought these old Schwinn bikes to put up there …… and I kinda know how this is going to work, these bikes will probably still be here 10 years from now šŸ¤£ 

So what would you put up here?  I don’t want a lot of little collectibles because I’m not crawling up there to dust that often.  I have several old collections like Redman picnic and random woven picnic baskets ~ a ton of red +white enamelware ~ crocks, lots of crocks and several old steamer trunks (these are what I was going to put up there until we found the bikes).  So let me hear what you would do?

Also here is a list of where things are from, or the equivalent.

Chandy is from Lamps Plus the Maria Theresa collection but the gold is no longer available in this size but of course when I searched this chandy Amazon has it and Amazon has a smaller version too!

Fern Stems + Clear Glass Jug ~ the fern stems are from West Elm and the glass jug I scored at Home Goods a few years ago.

Basket + Lavender Stems are from Hobby Lobby the basket is available but those stems are several years old and I didn’t seem on the site.

Mirrors are all vintage expect the white one which is from Ikea , it was used above my daughters dresser until we moved.


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