Lucid Candle Company and other clean living FAVS ~ Shop My Home, everyday living must haves!!

 Ok so if I haven’t mentioned this before (I think I have) here it is again …. when we built our “green-clean house”  and moved from our beloved 100+ year old not very efficient home, we made the switch to live as clean + green as we can.  We have started out small by continuing to recycle and upcycle whenever and whatever we can.  I have switched out almost all of our health + beauty products for organic as well as biodegradable containers, even our toothpaste + brushes joined the enviro party.  But the first to go was in our new home was my beloved candles. 

Now don’t get me wrong I still love a good candle smell and will cave every once in a great while but I’m definitely team diffuser!  I love my oils and they are so helpful for more than just diffusing (see Young Living link on the right) but I equally LOVE anything from Lucid Candle Company (see my post here about this amazing company).  So when I collabed with them I also received their Linen + Seagrass scented oil to go along with my refillable candles and I can’t even tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!  I love it so much I added a few drops to my diffuser and that was the end of that, I was hooked and have now ordered about 10 bottles in just a few months! Now for a day made even more heavenly drop 5 of YL Peace + Calming to 5 drops Linen+SeaGrass in your diffuser, sit back and relax ~ ahhhh DAY MADE! @lucidcandle

Ok so here is the rest of my clean + green must have list and if you have any products I should check out please let me know! 

The Aria by Young Living, best diffuser in the world #28902226 

Next best diffuser on the planet behind the YL Aria is by Serene House 

Toothbrushes from The Humble Co.  

Toothpaste  for me from Young Living use #28902226 

 Toothpaste for the fam from Hello Toothpaste 

Native Deodorant quit working for me but the fam still uses  

I switched to LoveFresh deodorant 

For cleaning I make my own w/ these Amber Glass Spray Bottles

I mix vinegar or Thieves Household Cleaner #28902226 w/ water 


Dropps Laundry Detergent is the bee’s knees y’all 

My go to for Dryer Sheets will ALWAYS be Mrs.Meyers Honeysuckle 


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