Luxome Collab, Ok bamboo sheets who know? (and my take on my IG collabs) ~ Shop my home

If you’ve never heard of Luxome luxury bedding then you are definitely missing out … their luxury sheets are the most amazing sheets we’ve ever owned!  

When Luxome reached out to us to collab with their luxury bedding company, I researched their company to see what they stood for  + what their products offer.   We liked what I saw + read as well as we were in the market for new sheets (see how God works).  I can not tell you enough good things about this company and these sheets ~ they are silky soft, like butter and they are lightweight but heavy at the same time … I know that doesn’t make sense but that’s how they feel!  It’s like a giant bear hug enveloping you when you crawl into bed! 

So click on any of the Luxome name links on this page to shop their incredible products, I promise you won’t be disappointed + you’ll probably come back and thank me!

Also let me do a quick explanation about my company collabs.  I am picky about the companies I choose to work with.  If I don’t like the product, the company mission, wouldn’t use it, etc I would never agree to work for that company.  So you can be rest assured that if I’m working with a company to share their product, then it is a product I or my family would use + stand behind.  


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