Office Redo and Vasagle Collab ~ Shop My Home

Yep you read that right, office redo already!  We’ve only been in our home 10 months and if you’re new here, we moved in before it was done … like no appliances, no countertops, no doors, etc so things shouldn’t have to already be redone BUT hey it happens. And sorry I have no pics of the before 🤷‍♀️ 

Mr. Housebehindthetrees is a tall, long legged fellow.  I ordered a desk way back when, when I was buying furniture for the house prior to us moving in and I painted the office Naval Night which is a navy almost black color.  Everything was looking great …. until Mr. could barely fit under the desk!  

Desk #2 was purchased ~ it wasn’t exactly ideal as it was a little tight but worked and most importantly looked good!😜 Every once in awhile he would complain about how dark it was there but I LOVED it and heck him working everyday in there isn’t permanent so “it’s fine” I would say!

The short version is he took a different job within his company at the beginning of the year and can be at home indefinitely, if he chooses (he does have an office at the main campus but can go whenever he chooses). The only problem with that is that our home office is fairly small, a place for the occasional work from home day. I promised him that when school was out I would redo the office.  

So I started looking at desks, paint colors and paper. I ended up going with a paper that I’ve seen a lot around IG and I always loved it! It was masculine enough yet simple enough for the Mr. I was just about to buy a desk when Vasagle reached and wanted to work with us again.  They asked us to choose any product we wanted so we choose this desk.  We couldn’t be happier with this choice, 3rd time desk ordering was definitely the charm! 

If we could go back, of course there are things we would change about our build, doesn’t everyone feel that way (please tell they do😬) and the office would be one of them.


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