All-Season Long ~ Fall Decorating Ideas

Gourd Planters ~ Transform gourds into planters for the fall season. Simply hollow out the gourds and tuck in the root balls of ornamental grasses. Draw jack-o’-lantern faces onto the gourds with paint pens for a Halloween-theme arrangement.
Pumpkin Tree Tabletop Decoration ~ Simple decorations can dress up any tabletop for fall. A few cylinder vases filled with birdseed provide a sturdy base for long branches. Add small pumpkins (suspended here with bits of twine) to the branches and scatter an assortment of branches, berries, and pinecones to the base. To add the pumpkin vase candles, just hollow out a few gourds and tuck in candles and berries.
Eclectic Fall Bowl Centerpiece ~ The use of the old glob has my heart! Simply mix some fall treasures together like pinecones, bittersweet, acorns, and branches make the perfect centerpiece.
Pumpkin Luminaries ~ Illuminate a fall night with candleholders fit for the season. Carve a small hole in the top of a miniature pumpkin, wide enough to hold a votive candle and deep enough so the candle can be nestled in securely. For a rustic look, display the pumpkin inside a wire jar holder as shown here.
Tall Grass-and-Feathers Tabletop Decoration ~ This arrangement of cattails, pheasant feathers and ornamental Purple Majesty are perfect for fall. 
Pumpkins and Pinecones ~ Adding pinecones to your displays adds another layer of textures and earthy tones, just place a large pumkin in a shallow basket or tray & surround the base with pinecones.
Prettiest Pumpkin Vases ~ White pumpkins double as vases +make for an artful, natural fall display. Tuck leaves, orange flowers, and cattails into a vase hidden inside the hollowed-out pumpkins.
Tabletop Pumpkin Display ~ Repetition of color, whether with pumpkins, foliage, or flowers, creates a unified fall decorating scheme that accents all of fall.  Repeated tones of orange and yellow are present in a vase of blooms + a cluster of branches on a sideboard, in addition to the main pumpkin display.
Thank you WWW for the pics, if they are yours please let me know so I can credit you!


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