What Mom really wants for Mothers Day this year …

Of course every mom loves a gift from the heart, hand made by her little, or big, lovies but a little something extra is also nice to receive, amiright?!?! I would venture to guess that for the momma like me, who now had teenagers or grown adult children, a dinner out and flowers top the list of fav Mothers Day gifts they prefer to give and we love to receive! If however you are tired of giving the same thing and want to change it up or if your momma lives far away and dinner out isn’t an option, I compiled a list of things most mommas would like to receive this Mothers Day from Amazon.

One gift option you won’t find on my list is candles. As a clean living family, we use diffusers instead of candles. I have a couple of my favorites listed on the gift list however I would also recommend the Young Living route by becoming a brand partner so you can get 24% off every order and you could take this opportunity to get the coveted aria diffuser for yourself or momma. I have 2 of these babies and they by far have the best mist output of any diffuser I’ve tried yet.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you human, fur, plant, man child mommas out there!


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