Winter Decorations You Can Keep Up After the Holidays

You don’t have to put away all your Christmas decor this winter, much of the Christmas decor can be tweaked to become winter decor. Seasonal decorations for winter are also some of the cheapest decor you will come across if you “shop” your yard for greens. And if you used red this holiday season, leave it out for as a nod to Valentines Day. We’ve rounded up winter decorations to give your home a fresh, festive look this season.

This simple yet timeless idea is sure to give your porch some winter cheer. Place seasonal decor like lanters with with faux snow, stars, magnolias and evergreen branches.
You can never go wrong with paper snowflakes, animal rugs and greens.
If you aren’t ready to give up the twinkle from the lights on the trees, just leave up a naked tree with lights only. What a treat on the snowy, cold days that you stay in bed with a book and twinkle from the lights!
Gather a range of hoop wreaths and decorate them with small sprigs of winter greens and red berries. Then, hang them with an invisible thread to frame the headboard or anywhere you want to add a bit of charm.
Adding red wherever you can even if its in the most subtle way can be perfect for the winter Valentine’s Day holiday! And don’t forget to leave out those ice skates … and actually use them if you can =)
Hang a pair of antlers above your front door for a rustic yet elegant look. This small touch goes a long way when you add garland and a wreath. Finish the look with planters featuring miniature evergreen trees and pinecones.

Cranberry garland might be a Christmas staple, but can be a great winter decor option to keep up even after the holidays are over, Valentines Day anyone. Stringing real cranberries in front of your fireplace mantel looks effortless and makes a statement. Use floral wire to tie pinecones throughout the garland. Finish off the ends of this garland with some eucalyptus bunches to anchor your garland to your fireplace.

Decorate your mantel with stars that will brighten your home all winter long. To make this DIY garland, cut out star shapes from an old sweater and attach heavy fusible interfacing to the backs, trimming as needed. Hot glue the shapes to a length of yarn, jute or ribbon.


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