Storage and Organization Trends of 2023 ~ What to expect when it comes to tidying up your home in the new year.

The home organizing industry is ever-evolving and there’s no shortage of products, advise and efficient methods out there. Homeowners are prioritizing systems that help them save time and money as well as work with the their lifestyles. Since 2020, our homes have become more important than ever, and the boom of the organization business, thank you Marie Kondo, as well as the slew of TikTok organizing hacks, undoubtedly reflects that. So when the professional organizers talk about the trends they predict to be popular in 2023, some are not so surprising, such as environmentally friendly products with a focus on work-from-home setups, but others might make you rethink your organizing plans for the coming year.

Doors on closets? No more says the new trend of open closets, which banish doors in favor of pretty shelves, built-ins, and baskets. The results fully integrate clothes with the character of the bedroom.
Minimalism is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Embracing a “less is more” mentality can lead to less clutter and more available space. Like sustainability, minimalism isn’t new, but there’s a modern twist. Mudroom lockers allowed us to hoard and hide, especially if they had doors and baskets. But here it’s out in the open, showing you what to you have or need, leading to less clutter.
One storage trend that continues to gain popularity is upgraded work-from-home spaces. Even if your company has reopened its office doors, a dedicated space at home to do paperwork or pay bills is highly desired. The good news is that there are more attractive and available office organization supplies on the market than ever before to fit your needs. So whether you’re revamping your desk drawers or building onto your existing storage solutions, this area will be a large focus in the year ahead, as consumers aim to improve their productivity and work from home atmosphere.

If your bath lacks a closet, repurpose a cabinet or dresser to keep extra linens and supplies on hand. Choose a unit with glass doors so you can tell at a glance when it’s time to restock. Place small items, such as cotton swabs and bars of soap, in glass jars for a pretty and practical organizing idea.

While the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, the focus is shifting to the pantry. Instagram and TickTock are filled with squares of pantries as they are becoming an even more popular space for people to prioritize. Intentional pantry organization designs are on the rise with the help of products such as stackable and space-saving food containers as well as the use of fun cricut labels.
Kitchen islands are on the move, with wheels that allow homeowners to push, pull, and play with this once-stationary item. Tucked to the side, an island offers surface area but allows square footage for larger groups to gather. Moved to another room, an island becomes an instant buffet table or dining extension.

Swing-out shelves are a clever option for those cavernous corner cabinets that might otherwise be underutilized. Rails on these shelves keep items from falling off, and multiple tiers accommodate a pantry’s worth of dry goods.
Kitchen drawers are typically shallow and narrow, ideal for utensils and linens, but larger drawers can be a smart addition to a kitchen’s storage plan. Ideal for spaces with open shelves or limited upper cabinet storage, these dresser-like drawers can house stacks of dishes or bulky pots and pans because they pull out. All of the contents are easily accessible, and the drawers limit reaching overhead. A pegboard and tall, sturdy pegs keep items in place and can be reconfigured to accommodate differently sized and shaped items.

Make the most of kitchen corners with L-shape shelves, which provide a continuous stretch of storage. Be sure the shelves are reinforced in the corners so that they can bear the weight of heavy objects, such as serving bowls placed in the corners.

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