The BEST winter activity, Snow Ice Cream or as I like to call it Snow Cream!

I’m not a huge ice cream fan (can you say lactose intolerant and milk disliker) but snow ice cream, I’m all over! Making snow cream is a super fun winter activity, easy for any age kiddo and most of all, extremely tasty. I do this with my middle school students but it would make a great “snow day” activity to do with your family.

There are several recipes out there for snow ice cream but as a teacher doing this with students, the easier the better. Just because I’m a FACS teacher, doesn’t mean I don’t love easy, peasy, time sensitive recipes, I do. And teaching kids to cook today is so much different than even 25 years ago, because everything now is about instant gratification, including food which is why I love this 3 ingredient snow cream recipe ~ all you need is snow, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk.


Everything you need to make your SNOW CREAM is below:

  • 8-12 cups of fresh, white snow (it goes without saying, avoid colored snow, especially yellow 😱 )
  • 10 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • Large bowl
  • measuring cup
  • wooden spoon
  • freezer-proof container for storing your leftovers

To start, fill a huge bowl with snow, don’t worry too much about being precise because you can always add more snow to your ice cream if need be. Once back inside, scoop about half of the snow into a smaller bowl add more as needed. Spread a tsp of vanilla around on he snow, then drizzle half the condensed milk over top.

With a wooden spoon, fold the condensed milk and vanilla into the snow, while stirring and mixing to combine everything. Transfer the whole mixture back into the big bowl of remaining snow, and added the rest of the condensed milk. The condensed milk does not melt the snow or make it watery, the snow sort of freezes the condensed milk, making it thick and icy.

Since I did this with a class, we also created a toppings bar. This was so fun, the kids really enjoyed it and it was so so yummy!


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