St. Patrick’s Day Fun for All Ages … From School/Classroom to Family/Friends Parties, There is Something for Everyone!

Here are some great ideas for those parties coming up for St Patty’s Day. I also have some other items in my Amazon Storefront if you are hosting a party for family, friends and/or the office. I means it’s the day of shenanigan’s so why not make it a great one for all!

Have a shamrock cookie decorating party, decorating cookies can be a yummy part of any holiday, not just the traditional Christmas cookie. You can do this anywhere, if you do this at school or work, just have the shamrock sugar cookies already made. decorating party, with the winner getting bragging rights (and maybe an extra cookie or two after dinner). Make sure you invest in a shamrock cookie cutter and green icing ahead of time, as well as plenty of green sprinkles.

Make your party a little more fun with a great game for the whole class, group or family! Roll the Rainbow is a fun game to play with people of all ages as there are two versions included (one die version for younger kids who can’t add yet and two dice version for older kids to make it harder).

In this Pot O’Gold Coin Toss game, the person who throws the most gold coins into a small, black pot of gold wins. Now if only there was really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow =)

This leprechaun hunt comes from Play Party Fun blog and is super fun for a classroom, kiddos at home or even adults in a center based living home. To play, give each player a card and they have to find the items on the list. Whoever is playing will need to find each of the items on the list wherever you’re doing the hunt. In order to be checked off as found, you can have them take a picture or literally take it, for proof.

This St. Patrick’s Day Bean Bag Toss Game from Amazon will be a hit for any person young or old.
Each player gets three chances to toss their bags into the hole. Whoever comes out on top, wins big!

Use real potatoes instead of a beanbag to pay homage to one of the most beloved foods in Ireland. Students pass a potato (or multiple) around in a circle until the blindfolded “caller” calls out “Hot!”. The students holding the potato at that moment are out. Continue until you have the last man standing who will be the next caller.
Matching games are fun for any age and it helps with logic skills, like memory! All you need is green cardstock (or paper), scissors and St. Patrick’s Day stickers

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