Sew off the Subject ~ Buried in Snow in MO

Well here in Northwest Missouri we got hit with a blizzard…literally! I heard the weather man say this morning that this is only the 4th time ever that the Kansas City, Missouri area has had a blizzard warning issued, crazy! It is perfect for the kiddos right before Christmas as it SOOOO sets the mood! There hasn’t been school for a couple days and I’m actually wondering if we will go back this week. While I love to watch the kids play in the snow (it is so not for me!) from inside, the temperature today might keep them inside even with all that snow calling to them. All this weather sets up the scene for momma to get back to the sewing machine since there isn’t really anything to do or anywhere to go! Well let me rephrase that – with all the kids home the house looks like a tornado because of all the winter gear laying around the mud room/back porch and straggling through the kitchen, down the hall and landing at the bottom of the stair case waiting for someone (ME) to carry it up to the laundry room! So yes there is plenty for me to do but sewing sounds like more fun on this wintery snow day.


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