Snow-Snow Go away! Spring Lines are here to stay!

Well, since my last post a month ago – I really don’t know where December went – we are still buried in snow here in Northwest Missouri! While I actually love looking at it, I think I’m do now and ready for Spring Flowers! We have now had about 14 inches since Christmas with about 10 still on the ground. And guess what…as I type it is SNOWING again with 6 inches estimated. My kids are never going back to school!!!!

Well because we haven’t been able to leave the house since Christmas Day I have been able to start my Spring lines. I am in love the fabrics I bought last last fall when they were on clearance – as much clearance as Hancocks of Paducah gets 🙂 and have had soooo much fun putting things together. Right now all I have are knot dresses and tunic with pants…yes I said pants, but don’t worry overalls are coming. I have had more contacts in the last 2 days for overalls than I had the month of December. Ususally January is slow so I have plenty of time to work on the new lines but the last few days have been busy for business, YEAH!!!

Here are a few pictures of the new lines and I will also pick a few of my favorites to sell right here on this site rather than redirecting you to ebay or etsy.

Once again have a blessed week and a very blessed NEW YEAR! God bless – Kari


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