How'd They Do That? How To Make Korker Bows

Ever Wonder How to Make A Korker Bow and Save Money or Better Yet Make Money While Doing So…..then you’ve come to the right place! Korker Bows are so popular especially since Gymboree has one for every line they have! Here’s How:
Step 1: You will need to have a minimum of thirty (30), 2-inch pieces of korker ribbon. You can choose a longer size but will still need to have the same amount (30) to make a full, thick bow. I would heat seal each piece at this point so you aren’t trying to do it later when you are trying to gather and attach it to the barrett or clip.

Step 2: I recommend using “L Brackets” which can be purchased at Wal-Mart in the hardware section or any hardware/home improvement store. If you are unsure of what these are just ask in the store! Using these brackets helps hold your korker ribbon in place for following steps. Place the brackets facing one another so that the ends touch. Leave a small space (less than 1/2 inch) between the brackets. Between the two brackets, you will place your gathering string or wire. I prefer to use jewelry string or green floral wire. Be sure to cut your string long enough to “wrap” around the ribbon; for beginners, at least 12 inches of string is recommended (you can always trim it down later).

Step 3: Stack your pre-cut korker ribbon within the confines of the brackets. When stacking, be sure to alternate colors as to provide an even spacing of your colors and patterns throughout the bow.

Step 4: Pull each end of the string or wire up and to the middle, then tie a knot or twist the wire. When all pieces are in place, pull tightly and double knot.

Step 5: Now is the time to prepare your hardware for attachment to your bow. Alligator clips or French barrettes work best for korker however it depends on the; if you wish to make smaller bows, I would us the alligator clips. To use the French barrette, simply open the barrette and remove the tension. Set the tension bar to the side.

Step 6: Determine which type of “glue” you wish to use to attach your bow to the hardware. I prefer to use the Jewel Glue or Tacky Glue. You will need to lay out a strip of additional ribbon that matches your bow.

Step 7: Using the open French barrette or flat Alligator Clip, run a line of glue across the top part of the barrette, place it face down against your bow while wrapping your extra piece around the bow and barrette, tying in a double knot. Trim the extra ends. At this time, you can replace the tension bar of the French Barrett.

Step 8: You’ve completed your korker bow! Now you can do the additional touch-ups that are needed; such as trimming ends to make perfectly even bow. Also look for any ends that may need heat sealing/resealing.

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