How'd They Do That? Easy Bandana Halter Dress

You will need: three 22-inch bandannas and 1 1/2 yards cotton twill tape.

1.From one bandanna, cut four 3-inch-wide strips to make straps, as shown.

2. Stack other two bandannas (top), right sides facing, matching up designs. Pin together on long sides. Stitch together one pinned side, then other, stopping 6 inches from corner (for keyhole opening). Make straps (bottom): Sew one long and one short strip together end-to-end. Fold ends under as a hem and press. Fold resulting piece lengthwise; stitch 1/2 inch from fold. Turn right side out; press. Repeat with other two border pieces.

3.Refold dress so seams are centered and opening is up, as shown. Stitch down, across, then up other side of opening. Hem dress at bottom, if desired. At top, fold down edge along print border; stitch parallel to fold to create a 1-inch channel.

4. Run twill tape through channel with safety pin; leave ends free. With dress flat (not gathered), pin straps to inside, placing each 2 1/2 inches from center front seam. Stitch straps in place, securing tape with stitches so dress won’t gather at neckline. Tie straps behind neck.

Thanks Martha for the great idea! I will definitely be making this one =)


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