Ok Maybe I'm Slow…New Approach to Stain Removing

So while laundering Eme’s clothes from last spring.summer to get ready for Ebay ~hint hint, go check out my listings~ I was complaining to a friend about stains. I have tried everything on the market and some work some don’t or some work for a while then all the sudden they don’t take out BOO! So anyway, she told me that ALL free and clear takes anything out! I said you know that’s an actual laundry detergent right???? duh! She said Well yes I know that but put a little dollop in the stain and rub it together then throw in the wash…..
So I tried this on Eme’s things and HOLY CROW it looked brand spanking new! I just wanted to pass this stain removing trick along (and you probably already knew this trick)for the rest of the world to try! I am always looking for a great cleaning tip =)


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