Decorate with Tape

With all the awesome designs out there today, use the new generation of specialty tapes to dress up everyday objects and create decor that’s pretty and playful.

Reuse, Rethink, Recraft ~ Recycle a smooth glass bottle that formerly held your flavored tea or iced coffee. Cover the bottle with thick strips of colored tape, then layer thinner strips in complementary hues.

Think Outside the Box ~ Add a stripe of style to a cute box for instant glamour. Try mixing a patterned strip of tape on top of a patterned box, seen here on the black and white box, for a fun, quirky look.

Note-Worthy Style ~ Keep important items at hand with a one-of-a-kind clothespin. One strip of colorful tape adds immediate style. Clothespins are great for hanging notes or using as labels on boxes and bins. Tape adds color and pattern to an otherwise boring object.

Fast Frame Fix ~ Give a plain white frame a facelift by wrapping tape around the edges. Fun patterns give a plain frame design-worthy appeal.

Creative Containers ~ Don’t throw away those cans! Wrap them in tape and they become a cute container perfect for corralling essentials or flowers.


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