DIY Stencil Projects

Floral Stencil ~ Give a plain wood floor new spark with a floral motif. If you don’t want to commit to painting your wood floor, follow the same instructions, but apply the stencil to a vinyl mat or floorcloth instead.

Butterfly Pillow ~ Create a whimsical pillow with inked-on butterflies. Find a pattern you love, cut it out, and trace onto a pillow cover with a fabric marker. Then fill in the design with the marker.

Chalkboard Stencil ~ Create an easy-to-change wall that starts with a foundation of chalkboard paint. Apply chalkboard paint according to the directions on the can. Scribble chalk over the painted surface and erase with rags or a chalkboard eraser. (This gives your final design a uniform surface and prevents “ghosts” if you change the design later.) Trace the pattern onto cardboard, and use the cardboard as a template to trace the medallion pattern on the wall with chalk. Tip: Start in the center and work your way outward.

All Over Floor Stencil ~ This diamond pattern emits a decidedly cottage vibe. Use the motif on walls, floors, cabinets, and more.

Chirpy Tray ~ Turn a plain wooden tray into a stylish server with a vine-and-bird template. First, paint the tray a base color, then tape off a rectangle to whitewash, and mask the vine pattern so that it remains the base color. Trace around the tip of a vine stencil and paint it another color, trace around another vine pattern and fill in with a contrasting color. Add a few bird silhouettes in a fourth color and once all the paint is dry, seal the design with several coats of polyurethane to protect the surface.

Wall and Floor Stencil ~ A whimsical medallion motif stenciled onto the floor and wall brings this dining room to life. Applying a pattern to just one section of a wall, as was done above this buffet, can create an interesting focal point.

Welcome Mat Stencil ~ Craft a cheeky welcome mat or shoe-cabinet liner with this shoe-tread stencil and a carpet tile. Paint the bottom of a shoe careful to only get the pattern with crafts paint and/or a stencil brush. Place on mat like a stamp and Viola!


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