How to Make Shabby Fabric Flower Barrettes, Clips and Headbands

Every one is into up-cycling these days and why not ~ it’s environmentally friendly and cheap!
We all have flawed or stained clothing, bedding, dish clothes or even stashes of scrap fabric somewhere in our homes so why not turn that unused, unwanted stuff into something we can use again, like hair pretties!
Here are 7 of my favorite tutorials on making hair barrettes, clips and headbands that I wanted to share so you too can get your creative juices flowin’ and put that”stuff” to good use again, rather than pitching it into a landfill.
I will also let you know that one thing I did when my daughter was young that saved me money on hair pretties was rather than buying a ton of different headbands I bought (made) some plain, solid color stretchy headbands (you can pick them up at any discount store such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. already made) and then bought/made bows, flowers, etc. and affixed them onto alligator clips so that I could clip them into the headband,beanie hat or wear them alone. This also works with french clip barrettes as well.
Here we go!


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