We have moved into our interim house! Here she is in all her July 4th dress!

We have moved and organizing has begun!  We have about half of our things in storage, and I’m wondering if I will realize that I don’t need any of that “stuff” after our year in the giant tiny house?!?!  We are hoping to break ground in August on our build but right now we think we are really going to enjoy living smaller!  

In other news,  I just LOVE this holiday and everything it represents! I am so proud and thankful to be an American!  My annual July 4th home pic lfor IG ooks a bit different this year ~ no longer is it the big brick home on the corner sporting her HUGE flag flying on her front. This year I introduce and welcome you to the Chestnut, our little home in town as we build our new home in the country!  Happy 4th July, I hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday/holiday weekend! 


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