Living Small in Town While We Build in the Country

For 20 years we called this big brick beauty home.  With our master suite in the attic and me having moderate to severe arthritis in my knees, back, hands and feet, keeping up with 4000 sq ft was becoming a challenge.  We also had 5 bedrooms and only 1 kiddo left at home.  We made the sad sad decision to sell her and build a small home on our 5 acre lot.  She sold the same day we listed it and thats all she wrote.  

We owned this little white home and rented it out.  Our renters bought a house and moved out just as we were needing a place to live while we build.  God’s timing truly is perfect!  We were very nervous about going from 4000 sq ft to 1000 sq ft but it’s been great!  In fact, I’m really starting to like this much smaller home living! It’s so much easier to clean, my OCD organized self loves the nesting/decor challenge and best of all there are no stairs!!! 

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