Halloween Treats That Are Scary Cute

 Thanks to google + pinterest searches for these fab ideas! 

Using granola bars or even rice crispy treats, you can make these little mummies that are almost too cute to eat … ALMOST! Just drizzle with white chocolate (dairy-free or normal) and add in edible googly eyes to mummify your masterpiece. Make a big batch for a cute and healthy Halloween treat for your kids’ class!

Swap out eating ice cream by the spoonful or giving out sugary lollipops for a playful, low-calorie frozen banana. To bring the chocolate-covered ghost to life, dip quartered bananas into white chocolate. Quickly stick on mini chocolate chips for the eyes and freeze on waxed paper. Perfect for first-time cooks—we encourage you to let your kids play sous chef and see their creations come to life with this recipe that’s spooky-easy to make.

Little this monster apple faces are so spooky fun, every body will want one!  This is a great, healthy alternative to the traditional Halloween sugary treats kiddos usually get a parties since it uses green apples, peanut butter, sunflower seeds and edible eyes.   These are scary good =)

I am totally obsessed with these DIY grapefruit jack-o’-lanterns. Not sure how I didn’t think of carving a grapefruit before now, but since I’ve seen her adorableness now, it’s pretty much a sure thing that I will be making and taking this to my fall card club gathering!  Stuff this little darling with a yummy seasonal fruit salad and people will be wondering why no one has done this before now! .

This peanut butter-stuffed apple is a treat you’ll be dying to bite into. What we love about this recipe is that it not only serves as the perfect Halloween nibble, but it doubles as a learning lesson about healthy brushing habits for your children. While eating apples and peanut butter is a pretty common combo, the crown jewel of this recipe comes from the marshmallow teeth. Adding a bit of sweetness and a more complex texture, you’ll never want to eat apples without them again! Plus, this cheeky snack will give you and your kids a chance to brush up on tooth regime talk—because monsters have pearly whites, too!
This yellow-and-orange candy is a Halloween staple. In fact, its history dates back to over a century ago! But let’s face it: We are much smarter about eating healthy food now. So if you’re looking for a sweet treat that doesn’t pack in as much corn syrup and artificial everything, try this fruit-base alternative. To make: Layer pineapple and mandarin oranges and top generously with whipped cream. (Maybe one candy corn for decor? We won’t tell.) The result? A colorful, fruity parfait that looks and tastes as sweet as candy … but is way healthier. TIP: Try this one for a breakfast treat and top with yogurt instead of whipped cream. The kids will love it!

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