Halloween Door and Porch Decorations that will "knock" your socks off!

Transform gourds into planters for the fall season. Simply hollow out the gourds and tuck in the root balls of ornamental grasses or sedge (a perennial herb). Draw jack-o’-lantern faces onto the gourds with paint pens for a Halloween-theme arrangement.

Use driftwood or a piece of a thick branch for the stem. WIRE PUMPKIN MATERIALS 2 wire hanging baskets, Small gourds, 22-gauge wire, 6-inch piece driftwood. Fill both baskets with gourds; top one with a thin board. Next hold board in place while flipping basket to sit on top of its mate. Slide the board out; bind baskets with wire. Then drill a hole through the driftwood.

If you don’t have a large porch to decorate, think vertically and add cornstalks or a leaf garland around your door. A vertical display will give you a big impact without taking up a lot of space. For front porch decorating ideas on a budget, buy faux seasonal garlands instead of creating one with live produce or leaves. These can look convincingly realistic and be used year after year. Here, pumpkins get a vertical lift on pedestals that provide added interest to this decorative porch.

Create a neutral fall display by grouping elegant white and pale-orange pumpkins. To keep it interesting and add a touch of farmhouse style, incorporate painted gingham pumpkins throughout. Finish with white mums, lanterns, and patinaed planters.

When it comes to this , there’s just one thing you have to remember: The more, the merrier. A plethora of small gourds and pumpkins in different sizes and colors make a window box especially eye-catching. The additions of a faux crow, a Halloween-inspired sign, and flowers make the scene even more festive.

Put an old wheelbarrow to use by filling it with an assortment of squash, pumpkins, and gourds. Use black acrylic paint or a permanent marker to decorate one of the pumpkins with a welcoming message. Display it near your porch or on your patio for fall flair.

Spruce up your outdoor space with a chic pumpkin decoration that’s blossoming with fall florals. The easy decoration thrives with a combination of autumn flowers, ornamental grasses, and sweet-smelling herbs. This is perfect for your Halloween porch or can be used as subtle backyard decor throughout the fall season.

 Thanks to google + pinterest searches for these fab ideas! 


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