Outdoor Living Room deets ~ Shop my Home and Collabs

One of the features we love about our new home is the outdoor living room.  We never had a very big outdoor space in our previous house but we loved spending time in the space we had, it was cozy but wasn’t big enough for a lounge area.  We could have had either a lounge or dining space and we chose dining.  Now with our new home we made sure to incorporated both!  

Last week was unseasonably warm here so we started getting our outdoor living room set up for all the outdoor living! After arranging the furniture, there was the space under the TV that was just off, it needed a console table or something similar. Then as luck would have it Vasagle Furniture sent us this awesome industrial wood top,  black metal console table and it was exactly what I was envisioning for this space! 

I LOVE that the table has that industrial vibe, the black works wonderful with our white house and black trim!  

Then Family Gifts Co. gifted us this great Teel Homestead Co sign which it filled the space between the table and TV.

And the Bomcosy sent us these great string lights, they are smaller than my old ones and soooo long at 100ft!   

So now we are ready to spend family movie night in our outdoor living room! 


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