You can have an AWESOME spring break without leaving the house! Check out these outdoor activities that will bring fun for the whole family!

Warm weather is finally here and there are so many family fun activities you can do in the spring. Check out some ideas below

Backyard Scavenger Hunt ~The next time you walk around the neighborhood, host an interactive scavenger hunt. Create the list of things to look for around spring.

DIY Bird Feeder ~ Make a DIY feeder to welcome birds into your yard! To start, rinse out an empty plastic milk jug, and decorate it with paint, markers, stickers, or other art supplies. Cut a hole in the side of the milk jug and fill it with bird seed. String some thin rope through the cap, then hang the DIY bird feeder from a tree in your backyard. 

Plant a Fruit, Vegetable, Flower Garden~ Choose seeds of your favorite fruits, vegetables and flowers. Set up an outdoor potting table big enough for everyone to gather around. Prepare the soil and plant the seeds.

Fly a Kite ~ These days everyone is so busy all the time so it’s good to slow down once and a while. Flying a kite produces a very calming peaceful feeling, which definitely can reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Get on your feet, go outside to play and go fly a kite

Hopscotch ~ Get your body moving with an old fashioned game of Hopscotch! Find the traditional hopscotch diagram and play instructions here.

Play a game of Tag, Hide and Go Seek, Mother May I or any other outdoor game ~ There are so many games that families can play outdoors.  Here is a great list of 65 outdoor games and activities that are fun for the whole family!


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