Dryer Sheet Hacks ~ These little fellas aren't just for the laundry room, use them just about anything from spring cleaning to beauty aids, Who Knew!?!?


My favorite ever dryer sheets  are Mrs. Meyers, I seriously can’t live without them!  They make our clothes and towels so soft and fluffy and don’t even get me started on the honeysuckle smell, OH IT’S PURE GOODNESS! But did you know you can use dryer sheets for more than just laundry?  Check out these fun hacks …

In the bathroom Debra Johnson, a cleaning expert with Merry Maids, told Realtor.com that running a moistened dryer sheet over chrome bathroom fixtures will have them shining like the day they were installed. And because they contain detergent, they’re also perfect for cleaning soap, scum and grime off shower doors.

In the kitchen Believe it or not, dryer sheets are excellent at removing burnt-on foods from pots and pans. Next time you burn tomato sauce, Realtor.com suggests saving the elbow grease and plopping a dryer sheet on the stubborn food residue instead. Simply add a little water, let it soak for a few hours and watch as the detergents on the dryer sheet lift the mess right off your pots and pans.

In the living room It turns out dryer sheets are excellent at picking up dust and pet hair.”The purpose of dryer sheets is to draw the static charge out of the clothing from the heat in the dryer,” Johnson explained to Realtor.com. “This same function will work for dusting.”Use them on everything from your ceiling fans to your baseboards—your vacuum cleaner will thank you.

In smelly shoes Issues with foot funk? Slice a dryer sheet in half and put a piece in each shoe after a day of use. Let the sheet work its magic overnight and your shoes should smell like a dream by morning.

Polish Stainless Steel You don’t need to buy fancy stainless steel cleaners or wipes to polish your stainless steel appliances, faucets, or car rims and hubcaps. Grab a new dryer sheet and scrub the stains away in a circular motion. To perform the final polish, wipe the dryer sheet in the direction of the grain.

Remove Crayon Marks From Drywall If your little Picasso decided to use the living room wall as a canvas, fear not! Rubbing a new or old dryer sheet over the crayon marks can help safely remove them from standard wall surfaces.

Remove Deodorant Marks From Clothing Dreaded deodorant marks can ruin an outfit. If you’ve got a dryer sheet on hand, simply rub the deodorant off your clothing with it. Your clothes will be streak-free and smell great.

Keep Hair Static Free If your hairbrush has hard bristles, you can add a dryer sheet to help keep static aways with each stroke. Place the dryer sheet so it’s centered on the brush. Press the dryer sheet firmly so all the bristles poke through it, then push the sheet to the bottom of the bristles.

Repel Mice There is some debate about whether dryer sheets actually repel mice, but many RV and antique car owners swear by them. Mice don’t like strong smells, so dryer sheets with strong scents can deter mice at least temporarily. You can hide some dryer sheets around those rooms that mice frequent or use them to safeguard your RV while it’s stored for a couple months.

Remove Glitter Nail Polish Regular nail polish comes off easily with nail polish remover and a cotton ball, but polish with glitter in it can be a bigger challenge. Soak a dryer sheet in your nail polish remover and use it to wipe away textured nail polishes like those containing glitter.


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