Did you know you can eat weeds? Well you can and there's even a name for it, wildcrafting …. so what does it actually mean?

Go Ahead, Eat Weeds … Are you for real!?!? Yep I am! Rummaging for nutritious, edible wild plants has been a practice for eons and today, “wildcrafting” is becoming quite a popular hobby and/lifestyle, it’s as simple as heading into your backyard. 

So what Is Wildcrafting? The term “wildcrafting”  means “farming the woods.”  and it’s the oldest and most basic activity known to humankind.

So how do you tell which greens will make a tasty salad or tea, and which will make you sick or worse, send you to the hospital?  Start with researching wild foods, there is an almost endless supply of resources via the Internet and keep the reference with you when you hunt until you are comfortable with knowing what you are gathering. Most edibles include: burdock leaves and roots; dandelion leaves, flowers, and roots; plantain, sheep sorrel, wild garlic and onion, asparagus shoots, beebalm leaves, and elderberry flowers. You can also ask around, maybe someone in your community knows their wild plants. Some plants are definitely easier to identify than others, and if you’re just starting out, error on the side of caution. Happy hunting!

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