Easy DIY Easter and Spring Decor Ideas to Try Right Now

This idea from BRIE PASSANO  is so fun!  If you have old plastic eggs rolling around your holiday bins, put them to good use. Use patterned napkins to decoupage an ordinary plastic egg into a colorful Easter decoration. Here a variety of colors and patterns are used for a rainbow display, but you can use monochromatic packs of napkins for a more cohesive look.

Entice the Easter bunny to visit your home with a beautiful carrot wreath made with artificial tulips like this one from MARTY BALDWIN. Trim several bunches of yellow and orange tulips and secure them to a paint stick with florists wire and hot glue. Add a few peachy-orange peonies for variety. Place greenery at the top of the greenery base and finish with a classic bow

This idea found on the BHG website is a great idea! Form a flower-like favor by nesting a mini paper baking cup inside a standard-size one. Perch both on an eggcup and fill with an Easter treat. For a place card, prop a tag between the liners.

I absolutely LOVE this idea from DAVID A. LAND.  Carrots scream EASTER so why not make them your Easter centerpiece? Grab some carrots from the store and with their frilly greens still attached pair them with yellow and orange ranunculus,  tulips, and/or other spring flowers. Ps. Wash carrots thoroughly (but don’t peel) before arranging in your container, to keep the water clean.

You’ll have this Easter DIY project, courtesy of ALICE AND LOIS, ready in a snap! Just fill a tray with moss from any craft store and votive candles. Finish the display with a bunny figure or even a chocolate bunny, then add candies and decorated eggs. 

Bring Easter to your table with this dazzling flower-and-egg centerpiece from the BHG website. Place a clear drinking glass or thin vase in the center of a large-mouth jar or canister and stack Easter eggs between the glass and jar. Fill the glass with water if you plan to use real flowers and stick a piece of floral foam in the middle vase and arrange faux florals as desired. 


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