I've got another coupon code for you all on the most amazing candle EVVA! Lucid Candles

I’m all about living cleaner, greener, more energy efficient, with less toxins + less waste and our new home is a reflection of this.  So when Lucid Candles reached out to me, told me about their products then asked if I would like to collaborate with them, I was all about it!

So first off, they have tons of styles + colors to choose from in the taper and pillar categories.  They even have “printed” pillars with motifs as well as tonal deigns like a lace print. I choose the pillar in khaki, I have several flameless ivory pillars so I didn’t want to duplicate colors.  BUT now that I have these, I will be replacing the few normal burning candles I have left with these.  I started moving away from candles over the last year and half in favor of diffusers for the clean living aspect.  

 I LOVE that these candles are much less expensive to use than wax candles, they don’t emit soot, there is no jar waste + they will not damage surfaces. You simply remove the candle top, fill with Lucid Liquid & light. And they haven’t forgotten what we all love about candles, smell! They have Fragrance Stones & scented oils, I was sent the Linen & Seagrass and it is ahhhmazing! Follow @lucidcandle on Instagram for amazing deals and promos.

They are offering my followers a free bottle of liquid with any candle(s) purchase. Just use promo code TEEL for your free bottle … I highly recommend the Linen & Seagrass!


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