Hey y'all I've got a coupon code for you from Family Gifts Company …

I recently did a collaboration with Family Gifts Co. and they are offering all of you a special 15% off code if you place an order with them this spring. Use code KARITEEL15 when placing your order. I choice the sign below but they have tons to choose from! 

This sign is in our outdoor living room and you can find all the details on that space here.

If you don’t know about this company, they are canvas sign company creating signs from glorious ocean sunsets to autumnal forests to classy black and white vistas, even some custom metal designs.  You can personalize the text of each custom print with the names of the people you love ~ your family, friends, significant other, maybe even the family pet! These  items make fabulous gifts and will brighten up the house while brightening smiles! Think Mothers Day, it’s just about 6 weeks away on May 9.


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