If you LOVE smoothies, soups + superfoods and you LOVE front door delivery services then read on …

There are so many delivery + subscription services out there these days which makes it hard to know which ones are the best in value, taste and/or use. I have a new one to share with you that will have you singing up for more, Revive Superfoods and I have a code for you to use as well rsf55kari.teel  but let me tell you a little about it.

Revive Superfoods was created out of the desire to break the traditional view that eating healthy is time-consuming, expensive, and doesn’t taste good. Well I’m to tell you that they provide healthy, delicious + affordable options that are delivered to your door + are ready in minutes. 
I mean I like most people love a good smoothie but I absolutely LOVE Revive Smoothies and the Falafel Pops of my goodness! 

Click here to head over Revive Superfoods website  and use code  rsf55kari.teel when placing your order BUT first … 

I’m not an expert on food delivery services + subscription box services but I feel confident in saying I am proficient. For many many years, like 20+ we have ordered from Omaha Steaks and the infamous Schwan’s “Man” Truck. We have been a Blue Apron fan for about 5 years, I always seem to go back to them. I’ve even tried Hello Chef, very kid friendly and Hello Fresh as well. We are currently with Hello Fresh because I received an offer for teachers, that gave discounted meals for a year (THANK YOU for acknowledging the work we teachers have done during these times)! We also get several Pantry Items from Amazon delivered monthly and love the ease of not having to go to the store, I only run in for dairy + bread … I also get all our household items through Amazon. 

So you can see I have tried quite a few services over the years AND when I find one I like, with morals I agree with, that my family likes too, I am a loyal lifetime fan! I do my research on any company before trying though as I’ve learned some lessons along the way and no longer use some of the above mentioned services. Things I look for are morals (read their mission statement), are the products locally grown, harvested, etc. as well as what else is put into it and what’s NOT in it. And I also read reviews, I’m a HUGE review reader before I buy almost anything.  

So with all that said Revive Superfoods is now staple in our house as they meet and exceed everything I look for! 

Like I said, like most folks I love a good smoothie and when all that natural goodness is delivered right to my door, I’ve hit the jackpot!  And add to that box gourmet all natural oats, soups + superfood meals WHOAA NELLY that is the jackpot that keeps clinging! And that is what I got with Revive Superfoods! I urge you to take a look see and try it out for yourself at the Revive Superfoods website and use code rsf55kari.teel at checkout.

So the bottom line is, this is the BEST box ever, perfect for breakfast, lunch and even dinner!  We have had all but 4 of the smoothies flavors and there isn’t a one that doesn’t make my taste buds dance!  We even love the Falafel Pops, so yummy!  This box is so good that I am doing 2 boxes during the school year, since I’m a teacher I am doing a box to have at school, all natural smoothies and lunch YES PLEASE!  Then we need a box at home for my daughter + the Mr. and me on weekends.  I promise you will not be disappointed and your taste buds will be in heaven! 

Again click here to head over their website  and use code  rsf55kari.teel when placing your order.


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