Phase 2 of The House Behind The Trees ~ The downstairs #TeelsBuildaHouse

So we are starting the downstairs … I HATE to say basement because we had a basement in our old home, where you opened a door and went down stairs separated from anything else. It was a finished basement complete with a bedroom, craft room, family/game room and we spent a lot of time there ~ our oldest son moved down there in jr high and stayed through high school … until we finished the master suite in the attic then he moved back up to the bedroom floor with his brother and sister.

So here our downstairs is open to the rest of the house, you can see through to the outside from the top of the stairs going down because we have a wall of windows down there as well.  We really didn’t plan to have a kiddo down there but since we are having to do a switch-a-roo with rooms (I’ll explain later) he is moving home soon and will be downstairs.

Anyhoo, our downstairs will house our main family room, our middle sons room, a full bath and kitchenette.  I thought it would be fun to include all of my followers in the process and hep make some of the decisions with me. So far we have voted on the bathroom vanity and like I imagined the piece I liked the most came in last.  I know I have stranger tastes compared to most people 😁

The natural cabinet with gold sconce won the IG vote by quite a bit and the traditional black cabinet with black sconce game in 2nd.  My fav is the black cabinet with middle gold hardware and black sconce.  Yep, the lowest scoring vote of any! LOL

So I’m not sure if I’ll go with the votes or my gut on this one …. you’ll have to stay tuned.

But up next we are voting for wallpaper.  I’ll so a sneaky peak of each on IG stories soon and then put them to a vote.  Stay tuned!


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