New Year means organizing, lets start with these mudroom ideas!

Not everyone has an actual built in room as a mudroom with the infamous locker storage. I actually choose to NOT do built in lockers in our mudroom, instead I opted for a built in floating bench which I have added baskets too. I get asked quite a bit why we didn’t do a more traditional locker system here but 1) I am definitely not a trendy or traditional in the mere sense of the word, kinda gal. I am unique and like the unexpected. and 2) I don’t have littles anymore that need a backpack, coats, hats, mittens, etc drop zone. Those heavier winter items actually get dropped in the garage before entering this space. So this space is for lighter items used daily.

Below are some great untraditional locker/mudroom ideas. There is style for everyone no matter the size of space you have to work with. I also want to point out that I found these on Midwest Living Magazines website so there are more deets on the site, such as sources and what not.


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