Homemade, Unique and Useable Valentine Cards for Kids to Create and Share with Classmates


You Rule~ grab enough rulers for each child in the class. Use craft or scrapbook paper and cut into 6″ X 3″ rectangles. Cut a slit in the end to thread the ruler in. Before threading, decorate the paper however you wish, thread the ruler and your set.

Rolo Pencil ~ A roll of Rolos and enough Hersey Kisses for each child in the class. Use Yellow and Pink craft paper and a sliver of tin foil. Wrap and glue the paper around the rolos to resemble a pencil, glue on a kiss at the bottom and add a sentiment card. The perfect, edible pencil!


Gold Fish School ~ You will need the big box of gold fish, small baggies for each student in the class, and ribbon. Make a sentiment card to place in each bag, fill with gold fish and tie with a ribbon.

Play-Doh ~ Get enough play-doh for each child. Create a label to fit the top of the container with a sentiment and glue.

Cheez It ~ Grab enough small Cheez-It bags for each child in the class. Print or make a heart sentiment and attach to the bag.

Pop Rocks ~ You will need enough Pop Rocks for each student in the class. Create sentiment to fit the Pop Rocks and glue in place.

Thank you Google and Pinterest for the ideas & pics to share.


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