20 of the Best Ways to celebrate Fall ~ Enjoy the Season with these family friendly ideas that work no matter wherever you live.

The official first day of fall is September 22! It doesn’t matter if you prefer winter, spring or summer, (I’m a spring gal) there is actually something to LOVE about each season! Every season brings it own set of activities, landscapes and weather. Instead of dreading the new season that is approaching or the passing of one, find ways to be joyful + celebrate in each season!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, be Miss or Mr Pinterest or even live in a place that experiences each season to celebrate each one because there are a plethora of ideas out there to help you out … so are you ready to celebrate Fall? Here are 15 ways:

1) Pick apples at an orchard & indulge in all things apple ~ cider, butter, caramel, candied, juice, pie, bread, etc

2) Visit a pumpkin patch.

3) Go leaf peeping on a nature hike or drive where the foliage is picturesque. See dates and popular destinations here

4) Make a scarecrow!

5) Don’t just rake up the leaves in your yard, create piles and jump in them!

6) Go foraging for home decor items like dried foliage, berries and grasses.

7) Make hot coco cups, bombs or just enjoy a cup on the front porch!

8) Go on a nature a walk collecting walnuts, acorns or leaves.

9) Get in the kitchen and BAKE!

10) Light a fire (inside or out), snuggle up in front of it with a cup of whatever and a great book!

11) Watch a sweet fall or fun Halloween movie.

12) Carve, paint and decorate pumpkins.

13) Fly a kite ~ yes it’s not just a spring or summer thing, you can still fly a kite in the fall.

14) Write Thank You notes for someone you really appreciate & send it old school, through the Post Office, with a stamp even😘

15) Learn to knit, croquet and/or sew.

16) Host a potluck dinner for friends and/or family.

17) Make Caramel Apples.

18) Find a local Fall Festival.

19) Set up a puzzle where anyone can enjoy putting pieces in.

20) Eat all comfort food, drink all the tasty blends,


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