Halloween Decorations that Last All Season Long

These adorable candy pumpkins are adored by kids (especially if you let them sneak a few bites of candy corn) and require absolutely no carving. Craft these no-carve hedgehogs by hot-gluing sweet candy corn onto a faux pumpkin, then decorating a happy hedgehog face with felt shapes.

Adorn your mantel or staircase with a festive DIY bat garland. String bats and black balls on a length of ribbon or twine and pair the decoration with a garland of paper Halloween straws. To make the straw garland, cut all the straws into halves or thirds, then use a thick needle to poke a hole through the middle of each one. As long as you store them in a sturdy container that won’t get squished, these paper decorations will last for years to come.

Plain crafts store pumpkins get a makeover with yarn and burlap. Simply wrap the strands around each gourd, then secure with hot glue for the easiest Halloween decoration ever. If you use faux pumpkins, these yarn pumpkins will last for years.

Lanterns in spooky hues of gray and black add eerie light to a porch decked out for Halloween. The porch overhang protects the lanterns from the elements so they last years. The display is easy to put together, too. Grab a package of Large Paper Lanterns, bats and use a few hooks to hang them from the porch ceiling.

Greet guests with a simple and sophisticated outdoor display of fall decorations. Stack white pumpkins on a black wire patio chair and pair with artificial crows.
Editor’s Tip: Buy white plastic pumpkins or spray-paint available fake pumpkins to ensure they last throughout the season.

Ten minutes is all the time you need to make this mesmerizing wreath from a ceiling medallion. Spray-paint the medallion glossy orange, pair with a 4-inch-wide black satin ribbon, and hang.

Welcome trick-or-treaters this Halloween with an eerie trio of floating ghosts.
Make the Halloween craft:
Buy three white plastic bowls from the Dollar Tree and predrill holes in the bottoms. Run twine or fishing line through the holes and anchor with duct tape. Cut two large squares of white cotton cloth, snip holes in the centers, and thread onto the overturned bowl. Cut black felt facial features, adhere with hot glue, and hang ghosts on your front porch or entryway.

Craft this quick-and-easy Halloween wreath with natural materials found in your backyard. It doubles as a way to get your kids to pick up all the sticks! Find various lengths of sticks and attach them to a DIY cardboard wreath form with glue. This twig wreath craft comes together when you add spooky faux spider webbing and inexpensive plastic spiders. Hang the final Halloween wreath from your front door for a haunting display.

Prepare for a literal round of applause from trick-o-treaters thanks to this easy Halloween wreath.
Make the Halloween craft: Apply a few even layers of silver spray paint to nine plastic skeleton hands (available at dollar stores). Add a liberal amount of hot glue to the back of the hands and affix in place around a small chalkboard circle. Write a spooky phrase in the center with chalk, then hang the wreath with string.

Our DIY giant spiders can be made in three different sizes so you can easily decorate any space in the house—even the roof!
Make the Halloween craft: Create the body of the spider with halved foam balls, then use wire and foam tubing to create the spider legs. Attach hairy brown fabric to the body with hot glue and you’ll have a whole gang of spiders to place around the house.

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