Easy, Peasy Crafty DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

Use books to create different levels for decorating on long surfaces such as mantels. Look for inexpensive books at secondhand stores, and if you like, remove the jackets for a more vintage feel. Add pumpkins, skulls and cobwebs to suit your Halloween decorating goals.
Use a large or medium pumpkin, like the Cinderella variety shown here, as a terrarium container. Slice off the top of the pumpkin and scoop out seeds. Fill with soil; plant small terrarium plants. Cover exposed soil with moss. Finally, add mini pumpkins, acorns and other gathered accents.
Unhaunted House
This candy corn-inspired porch promises fun for kids of all ages. For the pumpkins, add a glossy finish to matte or satin paint by spraying clear polyurethane over dry paint. For the wreaths, wrap thick synthetic-blend yarns around durable foam wreath forms. We used 20-inch tubular forms, but flat forms would work, too.
This vintage-inspired mantel will make your home feel haunted! Hang or lean a collection of flea-market vintage silver trays on the wall-the more tarnished the better. Gather pewter and black candlestick holders and fill them with black taper candles. If some of the candles lean a little, even better; it creates a spooky feel. Use old books from second-hand stores to vary the height of the candlesticks. Click below for more photos of this mantel.
Jazz up painted pumpkins using crafts nails and string for a spooky spiderweb effect.
A trio of bat pumpkins makes a startling Halloween porch decoration. Felt wings and ears secured with toothpicks transform petite pumpkins into wicked-cute bats. Etch out the eyes, then stick red sewing pins through the center of each to create beady stares. Finally, a coat of black paint on the bodies makes the eyes appear to glow even during the day. Outdoor pumpkin decor never looked so scary!
A pom-pom wreath and pumpkins created with cardstock strips make a clever and stylish display.
For the wreath, make or buy yarn pom-poms in a variety of colors and shapes and attach to a foam wreath with U-shape floral greening pins. 
For the pumpkins, cut 12×12 cardstock into strips 1 inch wide and 9 to 12 inches long, depending on the size of the pumpkin. Punch a hole in the top and bottom of strip 1/4 inch from the edge. Place a brad fastener through the top holes and another fastener through the bottom holes. Bend strips so they form a backward C. Knot a piece of string around a brad, pull taut and tie around the other brad. Separate strips into a sphere. You can make tendrils and stems with floral wire, crepe paper and glue. 
To create a fun candy display, use a variety of clear and black containers and fill with candies of your choice. (For big vases, place a drinking glass upside-down in the container first so you don’t need an excessive amount of candy.) Cut out faces using colored cardstock (pinking shears and circle punches will come in handy) and attach to the front. Decorate small pumpkins with googly eyes.

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